CIMC Raffles is dedicated to continuous improvement of the core competitiveness and economic benefits of all business lines to achieve sustainable development by implementing ONE (Optimization Never Ending) management, stimulating business vitality and strengthening risk control.

In recent years, we have increased our efforts in transformation and actively developed new businesses in multi sectors. We have accurately spotted the business opportunities brought by "Carbon Peaking and Carbon Neutrality", building a green industry chain of ship building and offshore engineering and improving one-stop solution capability by combining equipment manufacturing and service.

Adhering to the management philosophy of "Value People for Joint Undertaking", we move ahead with investors, employees, customers and suppliers to achieve smooth development and talent cultivation. Furthermore, we actively respond to the national call and fulfill our social responsibilities at a high level which can be repeatedly reflected in corporate strategy, corporate governance and the lifecycle of production and operation. Last but not least,we will contribute our share to sustainable development.


We collaborate with leading enterprises in the wind power industry to launch the "Green Practitioners Initiative" and promote innovation in wind power products through joint R&D between China and Europe. By promoting innovative business model, we are steadily moving towards the new energy field and quickly mastering core competencies. In 2022, CIMC Raffles was selected as the “Excellent Practice Case of Chinese Enterprises of the Year for Green and Low Carbon Development”.    We implement "Green Procurement", fully considering environmental benefits and prioritizing the use of environment friendly and energy-saving raw materials. We continuously improve the supplier certification system and conduct regular audits of suppliers. In 2023, we were awarded the "National Level Green Supply Chain" certification.

Adhering to the concept of "Full Participation, Energy Conservation, Law-Abiding and Green Offshore Engineering", we have formulated the "Medium and Long Term Plan for Green Development". We continuously improve resource utilization through ONE management and environmental technology innovation. We establish an environmental management system for pollution prevention and control work to achieve green development goals. In 2022, all three construction bases under CIMC Raffles were certified as "Yantai Green Factory".


CIMC Raffles actively fulfills its social responsibility, responds to the national rural area revitalization strategy, supports local public utilities such as education, culture, and health and drives local economic development by vigorously developing fisheries, innovatively utilizing the new aquaculture model of "Deep-Sea Net Cage" and promoting the upgrading of traditional aquaculture industry. Besides, we establish a charity foundation with an annual subsidy of 2 million RMB to help impoverished students complete their studies. Last but not least, we actively receive retired soldiers, resettle disabled people, contribute to social employment, participate in firefighting and maintain social security.


We adhere to the business philosophy of "Governing Enterprises according to Law and Being Honest and Trustworthy" and continuously strive to improve management following the principle of ONE. Strict risk control and improved management are our annual management priorities and we will continue to improve our corporate governance model. We have implemented various incentive models while strengthening internal supervision, striving to create a fair competitive business environment and safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests of all members.