The BanDaoNan 3# offshore booster station which constructed by CIMC Raffles was successful delivered
Release time:2021-08-23
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On 21th August, 2021, the BanDaoNan 3# offshore booster station which constructed by CIMC Raffles was successful delivered at Haiyang construction base.

The invest company of this project is Haiyang Offshore Wind Power Co., LTD which is wholly owned by  STATE POWER INVESTMENT CORPORATION , and the contractor is Shandong Electric Power Engineering Consulting Co., LTD.  This is the first offshore booster station built by CIMC Raffles for Shandong Branch of STATE Power Investment Corporation and the second offshore booster station  for State Power Investment Corporation. The project consists of three parts: upper power module, jacket and 4 pcs steel pipe pile, with a total steel weight of 5,200 tons, among which the upper module weighs 2,800 tons. After completion of construction, the project will be sea transported to BanDaoNan 3# offshore wind farm in The South of The Peninsula,20 nautical miles away from Haiyang Port, and then it will be lifted in place  on the jackets in suitable window.

The offshore booster station is the power collection center of the offshore wind farm, which is equivalent to the "heart" of wind farm. Its delivery marks the milestone of The BanDaoNan3# wind farm , and plays an important role in realizing the full capacity grid connection of the No.3 wind farm of the Peninsula South.

Wang Jianzhong, president of CIMC Raffles, pointed out that China is now in the critical period of the "3060" target deployment, and clean energy represented by offshore wind power is not only a new track, but also reflects the social responsibility of enterprises. CIMC Raffles is looking forward to continuing new cooperation with the National Power Investment Corporation and other parties in the fields of offshore wind power parity, photovoltaic, hydrogen energy, carbon capture and other fields, and making great strides toward the realization of the “3060” macro goal.

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