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    Fourth Deep-water Semi-submersible Drilling Rig of COSL the COSLPROSPECTOR Kicks off in Yantai CIMC Raffles  date:2012-07-03

    On 3rd Jul, 2012, the COSLPROSPECTOR, the fourth deep-water semi-submersible drilling rig built by CIMC Raffles for China Oilfield Services Limited (hereinafter referred to as COSL) kicks off in Yantai. At 9:00 am, Li Yong, CEO of COSL, and Yu Ya, President of CIMC Raffles pressed the start button of the CNC plasma cutting machine, the first steel cutting began, followed by the other six machines.

    As one of first Chinese drilling companies gone in for international ocean oil and gas business, COSL at present owns three deep-water semi-submersible drilling rigs applying to North Sea. First rig the COSLPIONEER was delivered in Oct. 2010, and ranked first among total 29 rigs in comprehensive performance assessment, and was awarded as the “Rig of May”. Second rig the COSLINNOVATOR arrived in Norway in Mar. 2012, and granted the AoC certificate, now is in preparation for drilling operation. Third rig the COSLPROMOTER was delivered at 25 Apr. 2012, will arrive in the North Sea in this late Aug., and will also serve for Statoil.

    CIMC Raffles has delivered in total 6 deep-water semi-submersible drilling rigs in the past 18 months since Oct. 2010, which accumulated experience of the whole process from design to construction and to commissioning of such rigs. The lot size delivery indicates the successful try in industrialization of China high-end offshore products. The steel cutting of COSLPROSPECTOR also marked the renewed developing phase for CIMC Raffles.

    Ⅰ. Rig built according to the North Sea standards
    The design indicators of COSLPROSPECTOR meet the most stringent engineering norm in the world. There is always typical natural feature in each oil production area around the world, and the rigs operating in the areas must satisfy the requirement of Class and administrator country. The North Sea oil and gas fields locates between 52°-61°northern latitude, has the most hostile environment among the world with frequent cyclonic activities, low temperature and storms, sometimes the sea waves could exceed twenty meters. Rigs works in this areas must also grand the most strict Acknowledgement of Compliance in Norway. CIMC Raffles has delivered to clients three deep-water semi-submersible drilling rigs operating in the area. The COSLPROSPECTOR is jointly designed by COSL, Grenland Group and CIMC Raffles, meets the requirements of PSA and NORSOK, classed by NOV, and will be delivered in the third quarter of 2014.

    Major parameters have been optimized according to the North Sea water condition: The COSLPROSPECTOR builds on the collaborative experience of the previous three COSL rigs, as owner, builder and designer worked together to enhance the capabilities and working environment of this rig. The COSLPROSPECTOR is a DP3 vessel with length of 104.5 meters, width of 70.5 meters, height of 37.55 meters, and an operating depth of 1,500 meters, a drilling depth of 7,600 meters and a designed operating temperature of minus 20 degrees Celsius. A maximum variable deck load of 6,000 tonnes, the multi-function platform also is able to accommodate 130 personnel.

    First -class equipment selection and integration: on the selection of the critical equipment, the factors such as progressiveness, reliability, economy and after-service factors are all be considered comprehensively, which also applies the mature production provided by the first-class vendor. The design and construction for the drilling equipment can satisfy the requirements of latest regulation, law  and  standards. The working  pressure of the BOP equipped can be reached up to 15000 pounds per square inch, which also has the casing cutting and sealing functions, by which the hydraulic remote control, remote control and emergency operational of submarine robot, which can prevent the happening of serious incidents, such as well kick, blowout, oil spill. The rig applies DP3 dynamic positing system ,mooring positing system  and Unmanned engine room design, which can achieve the integrated remote operation in cab and operating room. DP2 dynamic positing system has the prominent safety advantage, the rig can maintain dynamic positioning capabilities if the failure happened to any cabinet or system. Moreover, the Mooring positioning system adopted to  any sea state  can reduced the cost greatly.

    The successful construction and operation of COSL series rigs indicates new developing phase of Chinese enterprises in hostile environment exploiting oil& gas.
    Ⅱ. Implement the strategy of “establishing offshore Daqing” and “walking out”
    COSL strengthen the exploitation speed of international offshore oil and gas including speeding up entering into North Sea markets since 2010. Based on the basic design of COSL series drilling rigs designed by Norway GM company, COSL united with CIMC Raffles and Norway GG company has made design optimization, CIMC Raffles has undertaken all the detail design, output design and construction. The international expert team from COSL applies their abundant experiences of project management on COSL series drilling rigs. They worked with experts and engineers from CIMC Raffles to implement strict EPC management (Engineering, Procurement, and Construction) which through all project from design to construction. Besides the design optimization, they also made optimization on processes and flows which has improved the entire performance of the rig and construction efficiency. The good performance of COSLPIONEER gained praises from Statoil since it was put into operation. The built three COSL drillings rig have gained long term drilling contract of North Sea.
    Ⅲ. Construction capability boosts the industrialization
    After rapid developments, CIMC Raffles has formed a strategic layout with “one national grade R&D center and three offshore production bases” which equipped with equipments and facilities for deep-water drilling rigs such as large-scale dock, heaving lifting facility, deep-water wharf and advanced barges etc. and unique superiority of offshore projects.
    Increase efficiency from start of design: This international research, developing and design team adopts the most advanced design concept and technology results; it owns more than 1000 employees. With the advanced international analysis and calculation software: NAPA & GHS ( stability analysis software), ABAQUS(structure analysis software), HARP(hydrodynamics software), SACS(hydrodynamic and structure analysis software), VA ONE(noises analysis software), CAESAR(high pressure piping analysis software)etc., it can independently complete the basic design of all kinds of regular and special ship forms, which covers stability analysis, hydrodynamic analysis, mooring system analysis, structure strength and fatigue analysis, vibration and noises prediction, high pressure piping mechanics analysis, dropping analysis etc..

    Creative construction technology: CIMC Raffles realized the concept of building offshore projects in lot size through a series of creative technologies. The 20000 tons Taisun crane previously increase the construction efficiency by mating once, and eight semi rigs have finished mating by Taisun crane. The installation efficiency of thrusters is up to 1 thruster per day by using the new built deep water wharf with depth of -18 M. The technics of underwater thruster installation is an original creation of CIMC which is with clear operational flow, high efficiency and can be operated with commissioning and outfitting in parallel. The MC and commissioning of three rigs has been completed independently while the MC of systems and PDCS (Project Data Control System) used for commissioning database management have been established by CIMC Raffles independently. Related program development and system maintenance are completed independently by CIMC Raffles as well.

    By the driving and promoting between design and construction capabilities, and effective combination of infrastructure and project management, CIMC Raffles has the   capabilities in the bulk of building the deep-water semi-submersible rigs in the offshore industry. Our company has stepped out a important step from single project trial phase to the manufacturing in lot size.
    The completion and delivery of rigs of COSL series further improved the competence of CIMC Raffles competing in the North Sea market, and as well the project management ability in deep-water semi-submersible drilling rig. It marked another significant step made by Chinese enterprise in offshore industry.