World Record Breaking "Taisun" Crane-20000T



The offshore industry has recognized the detrimental effects of working on board versus on the ground for several years, yet most of the equipment and the work is located at main deck level where height differences can be as much as 10 stories. However, by allowing fabrication to tack place at ground level, this can save up to 2000,000 man hours, which significantly alleviates some of the safety risks associated with working at height. It will also reduce the construction time of projects so they can be market ready much easier.

TAISUN holds the World Record. With a demonstrated lifting capacity of 20000 metric tons, TAISUN can accommodate loads of up to 120 meters wide and with a dry dock which is over 14 meters deep even the largest Vessels can be brought in.

TAISUN has a very diverse range of past and future lifts scheduled, such as deck boxes for Semi Submersibles, fully outfitted accommodation modules up to 4000 tones and drill tower modules. In addition to this our dedicated TAISUN Engineering staff are currently conducting several feasibility studies to lift FPSO turrets and topsides. TAISUN is set up as a separate division with Yantai CIMC Raffles with its own full time engineering, safety, operational, quality and maintenance staff.

With the combination of both unrivaled capacity and flexibility, TAISUN is ready to take on some of the most challenging lifting projects offering a total turnkey lifting solution to all our Customers.



Guinness World Records-The heaviest weight lifted by "Taisun"

Woelfel Best Mechanical Engineering Achievement Award

Spotlight on New Technology Award


Conception design:Yantai CIMC Raffles

Hoisting system design:Huisman

Detailed Design: DHI DCW Group Co. Ltd

Technical parameters:

Lifting Capacity: 20000MT

Lifting Lift: 83m/113m

Successful cases:

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